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Hunsnet Presents...'That's So Hun' - Live Podcast

FRI 28 JUNE - 7:00 PM

Gareth X Elektra 27

Join social media sensat-hun Hunsnet aka Gareth Howells and co-host Elektra Fence from Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK for a live podcast recording episode of ‘That’s So Hun’.

What is a Hun? What is Hun culture? Why does the Saturday's Megamix, Gail Platt and jeans & a nice top exist perfectly together but you can't explain why?

Fear not Hun we've got you! This brand new weekly podcast will do it for you. 'That's so Hun' unpicks the phenomenon that is Hun Culture so those who are Hunitiated so they can get with the programme and live their true Hun life.

Expect competitions, prizes, giveaways, drag drama and a special guest.